Our Process

After you make your first appointment, we will e-mail you a questionnaire to complete.  This questionnaire is designed to help you organize your information about your loved ones and assets.  At our first meeting, this information will be used to assess your needs as well as generate conversation about your estate planning goals so that we may advise you on the best estate plan. If after this meeting, you decide to choose to work with The Law Office of Asha J. Wilbun, we will agree on the best rate structure to suit your needs and begin the drafting process.

Depending on the complexity of your plan, it will usually take 2-3 weeks from start to finish.  When your customized plan is complete, we will meet for the second time to do a thorough review of your documents, answer any questions you may have and make any necessary changes.  Once you are completely satisfied with your estate plan, we will have you sign the documents. Your estate plan will then be ready for you to take home in an organized binder for your convenience.


It's one thing to get a law degree, it's another to commit yourself to years of education as we've done at The Law Office of Asha J. Wilbun. We attend continuing legal education classes, seminars and workshops so you benefit from the latest developments, knowledge and best practices in our areas of law.


Each of our clients are incredibly important to us. We believe that every successful relationship is based on trust, integrity, and exceeding expectations. Here at The Law Office of Asha J. Wilbun, we commit to empower you with answers to your questions. We commit to give you the personal and timely attention you deserve. We commit to take every measure to protect your private information and to always honor our attorney-client relationship.


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